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Titel: Dead Presidents (Deadlands) / Bewertung & Rezensionen
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Hier könnt ihr eure Meinung zum Deadlands-Abenteuer Dead Presidents abgeben und nach Punkten bewerten.


Dead Presidents (http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/95987/Deadlands-Classics-Dead-Presidents)

Hier gelangt ihr zu der Auswertung und Übersicht bereits bewerteter Abenteuer:

Watch Your Step!

You never know what you'll step into! Buffalo patties may stink up your Dingoes, but a deadly conspiracy can plant a whole posse of veterans six-feet under.

That's what this twisted tale is all about - conspiracy and dead guys. The heroes are hired look into suspicious activities in Gomorra that culminates in one of the not grisly gunfights ever seen in the Weird West.

Soon after, the posse learns of a massive conspiracy that may just involve the legendary Black Circle, the Confederate government, and the Good Lord knows who else.

Dead Presidents pulls your posse into a massive world-changing event in the Weird West. Only highly-experienced heroes need apply - we're talking about the kind who have probably seen a certain breed of devil bull and lived to tell about it. One or more of those creepy types who keep getting up when they should stay down wouldn't hurt either!