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Titel: Random Character Generator
Beitrag von: Buddz am 6.09.2018 | 14:57
Hey, ich hab hier mal einen zufallsbasierten Charaktergenerator erstellt. Derzeit noch in einem sehr frühen Alpha-Stadium und (natürlich) auf Englisch. Wenn ihr mögt, erstellt euch doch mal einen Charakter damit und postet ihn hier. Am meisten interessiert mich dabei wie lange der Prozess gedauert hat, ob ihr den Charakter für spielbar haltet und was ihr evtl. an Verbesserungsvorschlägen habt.
Titel: Re: Random Character Generator
Beitrag von: Flamebeard am 8.09.2018 | 16:46
Ich vermisse in der Beschreibung irgendwie den Hinweis darauf, wann und wie oft man für "Step 3" würfeln soll...
Titel: Re: Random Character Generator
Beitrag von: Buddz am 10.09.2018 | 16:12
So wie bei allen anderen Schritten auch, also einmal pro Tabelle (bzw. Spalte), es sei denn, es ist explizit etwas anderes vermerkt.
Titel: Re: Random Character Generator
Beitrag von: Buddz am 7.03.2019 | 14:06
Ich hab mal ein wenig weiter gebastelt. Es gibt jetzt eine zentralen Hub für Magier und von dort aus spaltet sich der Archetyp auf in die verschiedenen Sub-Archetypen (Conjurer, Enchanter, Sorcerer, Full-Magician, PhsyAdp, MysAd).
Titel: Re: Random Character Generator
Beitrag von: Buddz am 7.03.2019 | 14:41
Ich hab hier mal einen Beispiel Charakter gebastelt.

Background: Seattle

A trans-looking Human with black Skin with Seatle Background. His Native Language is Cantonese. He speaks English perfectly in all Registers. For his „education“ he is indebted to a PMC. He is addicted to Nova Coke (light) and allergic to Smog (light). Has Magic Resistance and is Wanted.

Comes from Puyallup and knows a Shark Lawyer (C4, L2) besides the regular fixer.

After chosing to switch one pair of Attributes around, the Attributes are:
BOD   2
AGI   2
REA   5
STR   4
CHA   5
INT   6
LOG   6
WIL   2
EDG   2

Archetype: Decker

He‘s working with a Yak Killer with Hardening, but also has a Cybereyes Basic System with Occular Drone.

His Decking Skills are:
Computer   4
Cybercombat   4
El. Warfare   2
Hacking   4
Hardware   2
Software   2

In addition to all Common Programs, he has: Evaluate, Exploit, Paintjob & Smoke and Mirrors.

His additional Qualities and Implants are:

Natural Hardening

To boost himself, he uses Jazz and a R3 Nephritic Screen. When the going gets tough, he uses a Fichetti Executive Action and the Pistol and Automatics Skill at 3. To protect himself from harm, he uses Armor Clothing. And he lives a Medium Lifestyle due to the Creature of Comfort (Medium) Quality. He currently has 250 Nuyen at his disposal

He also knows:
an ID Manufacturer (C5, L2)
a Spider (C4, L3)
an Infobroker (C3, L4)
a Trid Pirate (C3, L6)
an Investigative Journalist (C5, L2)

He uses a Microtronica Azteca Raptor as Commlink and has a R5 Fake ID.

He has a R2 Tranq Patch and 3 doses of Kamikaze.

He has a cheap Duffle Bag and some Cold Medicine.

He has Optical Binoculars and a Laser Microphone.

He has a Data Tap and a R3 White-Noise Generator as well as a R3 Maglock Passkey.

For additional Protection he has a Remmington Roomsweeper and the Pistol Skill at 3 (→ now 4) as well as a Chakram and the respective Skill at 3.

He has the Athletic Skill Group at 1 and the Forgery Skill at 5.