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Titel: 13th Age Campaign (English) - 7:30 AM, Pacific, Sundays, Fantasy Grounds
Beitrag von: DataLore am 4.11.2018 | 00:58
Hello folks,

A user of the 13th Age G+ community recommended I post here. I am putting together a 13th Age campaign and need players. The game will be on Fantasy Grounds. I have the Ultimate License, so you just need a trial account and to download the software. We will play at 7:30 AM Pacific (Los Angeles, CA, USA) on Sundays (which, I think is either 3:30 pm or 4:30 pm Berlin time - not sure due to daylight savings). The start date is December 2nd.

If you are interested, look here for more information: LINK (http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?46315-LFP-13th-Age-Age-of-Worms-Conversion-Sundays-7-30am-PST-Weekly)