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Titel: GURPS 4 Basic Set: Characters / Bewertung & Rezensionen
Beitrag von: Thallion am 11.05.2016 | 10:02
Hier könnt ihr eure Meinung zum GURPS 4 Basic Set: Characters abgeben und nach Punkten bewerten.


GURPS 4 Basic Set: Characters (http://www.warehouse23.com/products/gurps-basic-set-characters)

GURPS is the most flexible roleplaying system ever created. With just this book, you can adventure in any world you can imagine. Use all types of weapons from clubs to lasers . . . magic and martial arts . . . psionics and superpowers.

Create exactly the character you want to play . . . your favorite fictional hero, or your own invention. Choose from over 400 advantages and disadvantages, over 350 skills, spells, and techniques. Customize your character with individual perks and quirks, and you're ready to go.

No more switching game systems when you change campaigns! GURPS gives you one set of clear, comprehensive rules to cover any background. This new Fourth Edition is based on 16 years of gamer feedback from the Third Edition, and is faster and easier to play than ever before.

GURPS makes the Game Master's job easy and fun. All rules are carefully organized, indexed, and cross-referenced. Charts and tables are clear and legible. And to help you introduce new players to the system, there's a "Quick Start" section which covers the basics in a few pages . . . and the introductory version of the rules, GURPS Lite, is available free online!
Titel: Re: GURPS 4 Basic Set: Characters / Bewertung & Rezensionen
Beitrag von: Thallion am 27.07.2016 | 08:51

Das Buch werte ich als eine rundum tolle Generalüberholung von GURPS, die sich gleichermaßen an GURPS-Veteranen wie GURPS-Frischlinge richtet. Alte GURPS-Hasen
 werden die Schönheitsverbesserungen des Systems schätzen und neue Spieler entdecken das Universalsystem in einer vollendet- angenehmen Form, die auch hohen Ansprüchen genügt.