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Arkham Horror (Edge Studio)
« am: 7.03.2024 | 09:07 »
Edge Studio (Star Wars, Genesys, L5R) bringt im August für das Arkham Horror Franchise (Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror, Villen des Wahnsinns) eine Einsteigerbox raus. Es wird wohl ein W6 System sein aber bisher ist da nicht mehr bekannt.

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Arkham Horror Announces a Tabletop Roleplaying Game
Sean Fallon

03/06/2024 12:04 pm EST

Edge Studio and Asmodee / Fantasy Flight Games have announced Arkham Horror The Roleplaying Game, which is touted as an accessible entry point for tabletop roleplaying games and the Arkham Horror universe while allowing seasoned fans to experience Arkham in a new way. One of the key features will be a new Dynamic Pool System (DPS) rule set which is supposedly easy to pick up given that it's based only on 6-sided dice, but will "contain strategic depths that are sure to entertain even expert TTRPG players".

The Arkham Horror The Roleplaying Game Starter Set – Hungering Abyss is a game for 2-6 players that will include poster maps, dice, NPC cards, puzzles, tokens, handouts and more with an affordable $34.99 price tag. It launch worldwide during Gen Con 2024 on August 2nd, and hobby stores that are part of the Hobby Next Program will offer a free additional set of dice with a Starter Set purchase. It should also be available online around that time (most likely here on Amazon), and this article will be updated with retail links when they become available. In the meantime, you can check out a full list of box contents below.

1 Game Master's Reference Board
1 Adventure Booklet (48 pages)
5 Character Portfolios
24 Six-Sided Dice (12 black and 12 green dice)
3 Double-Sided Poster Maps
16 Non-Playable Character Profile Cards
21 Item and Spell Cards
3 Punchboards (puzzles and tokens)
Several Handouts (evidence pieces: journal, letters, etc.)