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D&D Insider

6 parts to it:
Rules Database. Searchable online content database with realtime information- includes new books, Dragon/Dungeon content. Access all content without having all books there. D&D Insider subscription gives access to all books, not just the ones you’ve bought.
Character Visualizer. Will demo here in pre-alpha. Entire package for online play. Gives DM the way to play wherever they are. Lets you build your own mini for use on the game table. Real mix and match suite of tools. Can put cleric robes on a paladin, or preset items for a class. Lots of options “including making really ugly characters, as some have pointed out. Actually, you can make some very gorgeous characters.”
Character Creator. Online character sheet that taps into rules database. Drop down menus for all the options… or can turn off official menus to enter whatever data you want, and that will be noted on the character.
D&D Game Table. To play D&D online in 3D space. “This is NOT WoW.” Requires DMs to do rules adjucation, but will count squares, die roller, put art collection, minis, die rolls, whatever are in rotating toolbar at the bottom. (Was compared to looking like a Watch display case.)
Editorial Content. Like Dungeon and Dragon. All goes into the database. All crunchy bits that is official content. Equivalent to complete sized book, like what Paizo was doing, approx 160 pages per month.
Gleemax. Tap into community to share ideas, post notes about campaigns, share your characters, connect to players

Character Creator
Young, old, poses, classes, races, backdrops, armor, items, glow effects.
2D background unique to every race.
Fully rotate-able.

D&D Game Table
Top down view of dungeon for DM dungeon creation.
Isometric view while playing. 2D surface with 3d elements. Some animation, like braziers with flame.
PCs move over inscription on floor to discover a pit (3D)
Demonstrated revealing a Beholder in a new room
Both player views and DM views

What does subscription offer?
Access to Rules Database (everything official)
Full use of Character Visualizer and Creator. 50 storage slots and can save locally
Ability to play or DM on Game Table. (also non-subscriber options)
Access to every article (also non-subscriber options)
Limited time offers. Everyone who signs up initially gets starter set of minis. Gives you tokens for free for all MM, but most minis extra.

Beyond the subscription
Micro transactions
Virtual minis- purchase individual and groups. Pricing announced soon, shooting for low price point. Cost nothing like real minis. NOT RANDOMIZED
Lot more minions than elites. Goblins cost less than a big red dragon.
Sets of 2D and 3D tiles. Fairly large starter set, with new additions coming out as part of subscriptions.
No physical reciprocation… if you buy the analogue, you don’t get the digital. This was more of a challenge than what they had expected. (sounds like the book plan for that will be dropped too)
E-books. Was a bad user experience. Weird stuff happening when you tried to share characters. So everybody has access to everything. Rules Database solves the issue, 100% access to content whether you have the book or not. Separate PDF will be available for purchase, with discount. Can buy even if not a subscriber.
”I can go to a database and download a 5th level paladin.”
E-adventures. Play out of the box experience, everything you need preloads into the gametable.
Dragon Magzine. Be able to purchase as non-subscriber. About half of what the print versions cost… $3.
Game Starts: can buy 24 hour passes to play on the game table, can sponsor people playing on your table.

Samples and Trials

Query the rules database- subscriber or NOT. Subscribers get all rules text, non-subscribers get told where the rule is in a specific book. “Go to pg 15 of Book X”
Limited use of character visualizer. One or two races and classes.
Online character sheet. Editable PDF. Subscriber auto-populates, char sheet just enters.
2D dungeon builder to built tactical maps, like the tools that are online now with some extra options. Free to use. Subscribers can import into game table.
10 day free trial for everything.

Subscription Pricing
One month: $14.95
Three month: $12.95/mo
12 Months: $9.95/mo

Guest ticket pricing
Probably around $3 for 24 hours.

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