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Ultimate Reverie Jumpstart

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This product was created during Fast! Furious! Fun! February!, the annual Savage Worlds creator jam. #FFFFebruary

Ever wondered how save points, HP/MP, Random Encounters and the temporary summoning of gol-like entities could be replicated with the Savage Worlds ruleset? This is exactly what Ultimate Reverie is about.

This is a product for those who love old-school japanese roleplaying videogames. Inside this document, you'll find:

A brief summary of the setting
6 Setting Rules to capture that video game feeling
A complete adventure to try it out
8 pregens to choose from
17 new monsters all with their own quirks and special abilities
This is not a complete product and requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.

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28 More Items to Find in a Dungeon (Dungeon 23 - February)

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28 unusual items for any game of Savage Worlds. They will fit well into a setting where magic is common, uncommon, or fantastic. They range in power from simple to life-changing. These items were created for Dungeon 23 in February 2023, in lieu of creating an actual dungeon.

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Hunt for the Manabeast

Broken Steampunk heroes in a struggle to save their failing world!

In a steampunk world in the grip of a cataclysmic climate change, civilization has been ravaged and is reduced to a few key cities surviving by using alternative forms of quasi-magical energy. This is not our earth but a place of wondrous beasts and larger than life heroes, with different places and cultures. In this exciting tale, an expedition headed by the infamous Captain Hilfwachs has travelled to the cursed ruins of Magadolm to find and slay the legendary Manabeast, a creature of great power that could help fuel the hungry steam engines of the faltering city of Londoom for another 4 years. Magadolm lies across the great Sea of Despair and is a cold and flooded coastal ruin that still contains many wonders of the Primal Race, long dead and almost forgotten.

  • Adventure format organized to support GMs during the game
  • 5 pregens for instant play
  • Beautiful maps