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Ich hab ein Traveller-Abenteuer über das TAS-Programm von Mongoose+dtrpg veröffentlicht (daher auch auf Englisch), das ist momentan auf Platz 1 der "Traveller Community"-Verkaufscharts:

The Outrim Void. The Trojan Reach. The Graveyard of Empires. This area just beyond the Imperial border saw the rise and fall of countless warlords and would-be god-kings. It's a treasure trove for archeologists, but is regarded as infested with pirates and Aslan raiders.

Betino hault-Aldaya is the heir to billions in shares of the Tobia Commerce Guild. For a year and a half he has been indulging in his hobbyhorse and leading an excavation on Exocet, four parsecs outside the Imperial border. But now he is needed at home for political reasons - and your job is to pick him up.

But will you have enough smarts and firepower to accomplish this mission?

Fire Beyond the Border is a Traveller adventure set in the Tobia and Borderland subsectors of the Trojan Reach. It is best suited for a well-armed group in good standing with the Imperium and/or the Tobia Commerce Guild.
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Re: [TAS] Fire Beyond the Border - Traveller-Abenteuer
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Glückwunsch, Pyro!
Da werde ich dann doch demnächst mal was von dir shoppen gehen.  :)
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