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Hier könnt ihr eure Meinung zum Delta Green-Abenteuer Music from a Darkened Room abgeben und nach Punkten bewerten.

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Music from a Darkened Room

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Places, like people, sometimes go wrong. They turn off the path and head into the shadows; becoming something other than normal. Black places filled with blank rooms, closed doors and empty hallways lined with dust. ! In these places your voice catches in your throat, the air seems to hum and things happen. People get hurt, objects vanish. Bad feelings flow like the loose tap in the bathroom and hate hangs in the air like old paint. It smells of time and circumstance and something just a little beyond the world. ! It smells like surrender... ! 1206 Spooner Avenue is a wrong place. In the last forty-six years of its history eighteen People have died there, and you can feel it. You walk in and it’s like dropping two hundred feet under water. It’s suddenly dark and cold and pressure filled; at least it is in your mind."Still; pretenses remain." ! Doors stay shut, and no one ever hears a child’s laughter at night. In the hours that Stretch like taffy after two, no one ever hears music from a darkened room. No one sees a woman walking behind the glass in the bathroom mirrors. ! They shut their eyes and pretend the world is ordered, like a puzzle whose pieces are square and plain. They pretend a lot of things. They pretend they are pretending... ! Until, in the dark, the hand falls on their shoulder...

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Ein unauffälliges, efeubewachsenes Haus. Und Menschenleer. Die Bewohner des Hauses sind allesamt verschwunden, die Erinnerungen der Nachbarn sind geblieben. Das Haus hat einen Ruf. Gerüchte kursieren. Doch ist das Haus auch wirklich verlassen?
Die Leute meiden das Haus und wechseln die Strassenseite, wenn sie daran vorbei gehen müssen.
In einem Zeitraum von fast 50 Jahren starben darin 18 Menschen. Jenen, die das Haus betreten, bleibt manchmal ein Schrei im Hals stecken, wenn aus einem abgedunkelten Raum Musik zu hören ist. Es ist ein bedrückender, kalter und dunkler Ort, angefüllt mit verstaubten Räumen, verschlossenen Türen und verhängten Fenstern. Der Duft der Zeit riecht muffig und verbraucht.

Delta Green / Cthulhu Now - eine Stadt in den USA

Die Filme 'Tanz der Totenköpfe' von 1973, 'Bis das Blut gefriert' von 1963 und 'The Conjuring' von 2013

Ein sehr spannender Plot... mit viel detektivischer Arbeit... und überraschenden Grusel Elementen... ohne Hintergrundinfos des Hauses zu verwenden, kann man die Chars im Haus auf Schutzsuche gehen lassen.

*Szenarien von Dennis Detwiller sind nicht für 'fair fight' Situationen bekannt, sondern für ihren gnadenlosen 'killer plot', was auch hier der Fall ist, sich aber problemlos abmildern lässt.
*Spukhäuser sind nicht jedermanns Sache, doch dieses hier ist mit zahlreichen verstörenden Szenen, zum Zunge schnalzen, gespickt und bleibt definitiv in lebhafter Erinnerung.
*Das Szenario wurde für Delta Green konzipiert, lässt sich aber leicht auf anderen Settings übertragen.
*Ein erfolgreicher, zielgerichteter Abschluss des Szenarios ist nahezu unmöglich.
*Es gibt zahlreiche übernatürliche Erscheinungen, die sich in unterschiedlicher Stärke manifestieren und unterschiedliche Sinne betreffen.
*Das PDF gibt es als free download im Netz.



Das Haus wurde von einer Hexe dem 'schwarzen Mann' geweiht. Irgendwann verschwand das alte Weib, doch in den folgenden Jahren ereigneten sich schreckliche Selbstmorde. Mysteriöse Unfälle geschahen. Und Menschen verschwanden spurlos.
Fast hypnotisch wurden schwache Menschen von dem Gebäude angesaugt und verschlungen.
Das Haus hat einen schlechten Ruf, Nachbarn behaupten, es sei lebendig. Des Nachts sind Klaviermelodien zu hören. Schemen bewegen sich im Gebäude. Das Haus macht einen intensiven, unheimlichen Eindruck.
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EXZELLENT 5/5 :headbang:
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Questions (answers from Dennis Detwiller)

I wanted a little more information on the House's POW and how it used it. How much POW does it start out with? This is important since that's how possession is handled. How else does it use POW? I ruled that it could use high POW effects on low POW victims if it spent POW. I only used this once with a PC for dramatic effect but I would like to hear from the author.
A: "Mostly just for Possession. Though I suppose you could assign a cost for manifestations."

How does House react to traditional ghost communication techniques? Does it respond if people attempt to talk to it? Will it try to deceive them? How so?
A: "The house's main motivation is to frighten, and then, if not possible, to cause pain, suffering and kill as many people as possible."

It mentions the House will call up PCs to lure them in and separate them but nothing specific is written. Can you give some examples you've used? Does this use POW?
A: "Basically, the house pretends to be anyone it has "observed" in the house. In my game it pretended to both be the Police Chief and an Agent, and called other Agents back to the house alone."

How do you pace the scenario out? What would you recommend to other keepers?
A: "I think the main key here (and everyone's game is different) would be to throw a few small manifestations at the beginning and have it slowly unfold over an hour or two — the past of the house, the Green Box, etc.. This is how it went in my game. Then, when they think they have a handle on it, throw in an NPC possession; and an attack (in mine it was Yarrow). This caused further problems. Then possibly have the FBI step in and poke around, and then really push the envelope — as you say, it's designed to "get out of control" fast near the end. The key is, keep your hand close to your chest for as long as you can."

My PCs often split up to look around on their own in the House. How many manifestation do you recommend at a time?
A: "Splitting up is a key time - if they volunteer to do it, I'd hit both of them at once."

I wanted but couldn't think up of other clues/stuff in the house for the PCs to look for. It seemed a little barren aside from the manifestations. What about other things in the house?
A: "Um…most of the significant clues for the house are outside of it (the furniture) etc… Inside, I'd just describe it as an abandoned house that looks like someone was about to move in."

How does the garage connect to the house? I didn't see a door on the map.
A: "The hallway from the stairs is a door."

What is in the utility room? I couldn't find a specific entry in the description.
A: "It's an empty, tiny pantry."

How does the second story connect to the first? What happens when a PC jumps out of the second story window to escape the smell of gas? Any roof manifestations?
A: "The stairs. No roof manifestations. I had an Agent do this; he just looked like an idiot, and had a hard time explaining what had happened."

What kind of parapsychological stuff will Yarrow want to do?
A: "I pitched Yarrow as a guy in over his head. I had him do hokey stuff like walk around the house in the dark and try to "talk" to it."

I might want to run a "Return to the House" scenario for Cell T. What do you recommend I change?
A: "I'd give it a zealous owner, bent on reconstructing it (base it on Peter Diaz). Of course, once the house has what it wants, it'll get rid of him as well."

What POW did you use for possession tests? Fully charged at POW 25 pretty much guarantees possession, which all but guarantee the PC is going to die by straight razor and puts the other PCs at risk.
A: "I used POW 25, and did what I suggested in the text; using NPCs as examples to begin with. But it also notes the house Possesses only under dire circumstances."

Questions from

What was Isabelle's disease? Any info from her nurse about her relapse and death?
A: "This could be looked into, but it is the classical "wasting disease" and later, simply old age."

Does it matter that Michael Wheeler died at the County Seat or is it just a coincidence?
A: "Coincidence."

The back-story on the house mentions that the house was photographed for a trade magazine. Can that article be found and is there any evidence contained in it?
A: "No evidence, I'm sure the photo could be found (there was no appropriate photo on the free photo website)."

Do people in the neighborhood have pets? Clearly the crone was killing them off up to 1955; perhaps there older residents would be averse to having them even now.
A: "That's a good point, and a cool clue."

Some of the background info is in languages the investigators might not speak: Do the investigators face a challenge in finding an Italian or Arabic speaker? Particularly in the case of Isari's diary, current events suggest it might to be easy to do so. I'll get to it once I finish another 4000 pages of cell phone intercepts, sorry.
A: "I suppose I could find someone to do either of these things without too much difficulty. I don't think this should be an obstacle, really."

What are the contents of Tycroft's letter to his wife? This might make a good handout.
A: "Very good point, one I will follow up on."

Can the partial skeleton under the house be IDed? Forensics are such a popular thing nowadays, it seems likely the investigators will latch onto the skeleton.
A: "It's highly unlikely someone from the 1930's or 1940's would have forensic records available. I'd just chalk it up to an unknown corpse."

Is that Isabelle Wheeler in bedroom 3? If so, why did she say what she does since she didn't sign the Black Book?
A: "It's not Isabelle, it's the Crone."

Who is the little girl in the closet in bedroom 3?
A: "It could be any of the children who had lived in the house, or perhaps the bones from under the floor."

What are the odds neighbors would hear and report hearing gunshots? (Are they old and deaf or old and crotchety?) Since the house replays Mr. Crease's shotgun firing, I'd assume they either don't report it or can't hear it.
A: "That's Keeper fiat, I suppose. Though I do note that the neighbors keep a close eye on the house. When I ran it (and notes are forthcoming) things that happened in the house seemed to be cut-off from the outside world."

Wheeler's diary is supposed to cover 1926 to 1950 - is the 1955 entry on summoning the Dark Man an addendum or is that date a typo? (p. 12)
A: "Typo."

Is there any Sanity cost for reading Donnelly's notes? (p. 29)
A: "No."

How much chanting is needed to dismiss the Dark Man? Any skill rolls involved? The description says it is hard to continue chanting when he appears.
A: "Again, this comes down more to roleplaying than a die roll. When I ran it, I basically had the player's tell me what they were doing, and ran with it."
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5* von mir.
Eines der besten Horrorabenteuer die ich jemals geleitet/gespielt habe.
Wenn nicht vielleicht sogar das beste.
Das Ding ist verdammt creepy und spielt sich hervorragend.
Man muss sich halt nur auf die Spukhausthematik einlassen können.

Angefangen hat alles mit dem grausamen Fund in der Green Box ...

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Ja, das ist ein Szenario, das sich im Gedächtnis festfrisst.
LushWoods, wie war das bei Dir? Knallhart durchgezogen oder abgemildert gespielt?
Ich habe mal ein Interview mit Detwiller gelesen, in welchem er stolz darauf war, dass Leichen seine Abenteuer pflasterten.

By the way; mal wieder schade, dass 3/5 hier nicht schreibt, was ihm/ihr nicht daran gefällt.
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3/5 kommentarlos sehe ich jetzt noch nicht als Akt eines Spalters an. Auf 3 runter für ein Abenteuer kommt man ganz schnell, insbesondere, da wir ja hier keine festen Bewertungsmaßstäbe haben. Die einsame 1/5 kommentarlos, die es entgegen einen Trend mitunter gibt, finde ich begründet zu finden viel interessanter.
Während die Opfer sich umkrempeln und der Professor nicht zu erreichen ist, reißt Rillen-Manni voller Wut eine Waffe an sich ...

I scream! You scream! We all scream! For ice-cream! (Roberto Benigni)

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Ob 3/5 nichts schreibt, ist nicht der Punkt für mich. Ich sehe das auch nicht als Spaltung an.
Wenn 5/5 bis 1/5 dazu nichts schreibt, finde ich das nämlich ebenso bedauerlich.
Ein-zwei Sätze würde ja schon reichen, um einen Eindruck davon zu bekommen, was das Abenteuer in der Ansicht von 3/5 'nur' durchschnittlich macht.
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Am schönsten wäre es, wenn jeder seine Bewertung begründen würde. Aber das ist keine Voraussetzung zur Abgabe einer Bewertung, also wird es auch nicht passieren.
"These things are romanticized, but in the end they're only colorful lies." - This Is Hell, Polygraph Cheaters