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Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
The Spinward Marches is by far the best described sector in all of Traveller. Located at the spin-coreward corner of the Imperium, it's a classic frontier state where exploration and adventure are very possible. It also acts as a nice nexus, centered between the Aslan, the Vargr, the Zhodani, and the Imperium itself, upping the possibility for intrigue and even warfare. There are complete descriptions of the Spinward Marches for almost every version of Traveller. [...] Campaigns in the Spinward Marches can be extended by adventures in other adjacent sectors. [...]
Besides Trojan Reach(es) and Foreven, [...] you should also look at the existing sources for Deneb Sector [...], Gvurrdon Sector [...], and even the slightly more distant Corridor Sector [...].

Supplement 3: The Spinward Marches (GDW, FanPro)
The Spinward Marches Campaign (GDW)
GURPS Traveller: Behind the Claw (Steve Jackson)
The Spinward Marches (Mongoose, 13Mann)
Behind the Claw (Mongoose)
Spinward Encounters (Mongoose)
100 Hooks and Rumours to Hear in or about the Spinward Marches (TAS)
JTAS #9 [The Battle Fleets of the Marches] (GDW)
JTAS #19 [The Ecology of Piracy in the Spinward Main] (GDW)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Located mostly beyond the Imperium, Cronor is in part a neutral zone and in part the trailing edge of the Zhodani Consulate. It may be an ideal place for a Zhodani-focused campaign, but if you’re looking for more of the back-and-forth between Zhodani and the Imperium, a few other subsectors in the Marches work better.
Für Zhodani-Kampagnen ist auch der benachbarte Ziafrplians-Sektor eine sinnvolle Erweiterung.
Traveller Adventure 6: Expedition to Zhodane (GDW)

Juwel (Jewell)
Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Jewell is one of two subsectors that would work better as the basis for a Zhodani/Imperium campaign. It includes 8 Imperium worlds and 6 Zhodani worlds, offering a bit more balance. The world of Jewell itself might be a good focus for a campaign, as a military and industrial giant.
Alien Realms [The Last Patrol] (GDW)
Tripwire (Mongoose, 13Mann)
Naval Adventure 2: Showing the Sunburst (Mongoose)
Vlezhdiets (TAS)
Challenge #57 [Jewell Situation] (GDW)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Right next door, in the Regina subsector, we find the original heart of the Traveller universe. This is where it all began in JTAS #1 (CT) with “Rescue on Ruie” (CT) [...].
The sector itself isn’t as much of a frontier as Jewell, Aramis, or Vilis. Instead, it’s a proper Imperial subsector, under the control of Duke Norris (who’s a great person to introduce to the players because of his importance to the future of the Imperium). Still, it’s enough on the outskirts of the Imperium for there to be space for travellers to walk just this side of lawlessness. Powerful corporations like Oberlindes make their home here and are also willing to engage in behavior that wouldn’t be acceptable in the more lawful core of the Imperium; Zhodani trade routes help to keep the subsector interesting; and there is word of more ancient secrets as well. [...]Even if it weren’t Traveller’s Greyhawk, Regina would be a great subsector to base a campaign in because of all the support it’s received.
Adventure 1: The Kinunir (GDW, FanPro)
Double Adventure 1: Shadows/Annic Nova (GDW)
Adventure 3: Twilight’s Peak (GDW, FanPro)
Adventure 12: Secret of the Ancients (GDW, FanPro)
Secret of the Ancients (Mongoose)
Secret of the Ancients [2. Edition](Mongoose)
Spinward Salvage LIC (Mongoose)
Compendium 2 [Rescue on Ruie] (Mongoose)
Compendium 2 [Annic Nova] (Mongoose)
Compendium 3 [The Irklan] (Mongoose)
Alell, civilized and cultured- see it while you can. (TAS)
Becks World, tall timber and terrible beasts (TAS)
Dentus, world on the edge (TAS)
Efate, shipbuilding capital of the Marches (TAS)
Feri, a world descending into chaos. (TAS)
Jenghe Map (TAS)
Knorbes, Regina Subsector, Spinward Marches 1807 (TAS)
Rethe, workers paradise (TAS)
Whanga, whenua (a place to belong) (TAS)
Yori, Reserch Station Beta (TAS)
Kinorb World Book (TAS)
Crime without punishment (TAS)
There May Be Troubles Ahead [A Troubled Case] (TAS)
Algine Regina Subsector Spinward Marches 2308 (TAS)
JTAS #1 [Rescue on Ruie] (GDW)
JTAS #8 [A Dagger at Efate] (GDW)
JTAS #9 [The Duke of Regina's Own Huscarles] (GDW)
JTAS #23 [Contact: The Irklan] (GDW, Fanpro)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
And so we come to Aramis, the last subsector of the Marches’ coreward strip. Its major focus is its frontier with the Vargr Expanses. Numerous agricultural planets trade with the Expanses, while the Tukera Lines megacorp has some pull here because the Duke of the subsector is a Tukera.
The Traveller Adventure (GDW)
Aramis: The Traveller Adventure (Mongoose)
Two Days on Carsten (TAS)
JTAS #10 [Bestiary: Tree Rat] (GDW)
JTAS #18 [Bestiary: Tree Lion] (GDW)
Traveller Chronicle #1 [Zila] (Sword of the Night)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
This subsector not only lies beyond the Imperium, but several worlds in it are claimed by the Zhodani Consulate. It’s also hard to get to and of no particular value, so it’s probably the least interesting subsector in the Spinward Marches. The Entrope cluster, which lies to the rimward edge of the cluster, is of note, but that’s only because its ownership is disputed by the Darrians and the Sword Worlders, and thus it more naturally lies with those subsectors.
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 1 [Sheol] (Steve Jackson)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
The Vilis Sector is primarily of interest as a DMZ between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. However, unlike Jewell, there’s a third party involved here to make the politics more intriguing: the Federation of Arden, which gets some attention as a rising threat in the Classic era. Officially, Vilis got the most attention during the Fifth Frontier War. [...] As a do-it-yourself campaign setting with a little bit of support, Vilis isn’t bad, primarily because the political lines between the Zhodani, the Imperium, and Arden offer a nice diplomatic triangle.
Adventure 7: Broadsword (GDW)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Like the Querion subsector, the Lanth subsector isn’t of a lot of interest for campaigns. That’s because it doesn’t have much self identity; instead, its main focus is on two issues of transportation. On the one hand, you have the Spinward Main curving around the subsector, mainly serving to move people to the coreward side of the Marches. On the other hand, you have the Abyss Rift, acting as a major transportation block—which is to say nothing of its spooky reputation as the Bermuda Triangle of the Marches.
Double Adventure 2: Across the Bright Face (GDW)
GURPS Traveller: Best of JTAS [Echiste] (Steve Jackson)
JTAS #2 [Victoria] (GDW)
JTAS #8 [Crystals from Dinom] (GDW)
Challenge #44 [Lost Treasure Ships of the Abyss Rift] (GDW)
Challenge #46 [Fated Voyage] (GDW)
Challenge #58 [Demon Dark] (GDW)
Adventure 2: Prison Planet (Mongoose, 13Mann)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
And finally that brings us to the Rhylanor Subsector. It’s a major population center, and will be the focus of some big battles in the Fifth Frontier War, but none of that makes for a great campaign setting, as it lacks the politicking of subsectors like Mora and Regina and the frontier feel of subsectors like Aramis, Jewell, and Vilis. [...] Overall, Rhylanor is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want your campaign to live there.
Adventure 3: Twilight’s Peak (GDW, FanPro)
Adventure 2: Research Station Gamma (GDW, FanPro)
Alien Realms [The Casteless] (GDW)
Explorer 1 [Welten des Imperiums: Rhylanor] (Fanpro)
Compendium 1 [The Starchild] (Mongoose)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
The Darrian Subsector is the home of the Darrian Confederation, the oldest interstellar government in the Marches and one of the highest-tech civilizations in Charted Space. It might be slightly less desirable as a campaign setting because the Confederation is relatively civilized, but there are still a number of opportunities for adventure including: stories digging into the history of the Darrians and archaeological sites from before the original Darrians annihilated themselves 2000 years ago; conflicts (hot and cold) with the Sword Worlders; and explorations of worlds that lie outside the Confederation itself.
Alien Module 8: Darrians (GDW)
GURPS Traveller: Humaniti [Darrians] (Steve Jackson)
Alien Module 3: Darrians (Mongoose, 13Mann)
GURPS Traveller: Best of JTAS [The Republic of Garoo] (Steve Jackson)
Crowded Hours: Fiddler’s Green (Mongoose)
Skandersvik (Mongoose)
Ashfall (TAS)
Ashfall II: Under the Dome (TAS)
Ashfall III: Into the Crust (TAS)
JTAS #14 [Contact: The Darrians] (GDW, Fanpro)
Challenge #25 [The Darrian Way of Life] (GDW)

Schwertwelten (Sword Worlds)
Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Next door, the Sword Worlds also is a subsector with a single government, but the result is very different, as the Sword Worlds are an aggressive culture that’s been falling apart and coming together for hundreds of years. The society is violent and chaotic—making it all around a great place for adventure as long as you don’t get on the wrong side of the Sword Worlders. There’s also ample room for intrigue thanks to animosity toward the Darrians and the Imperium and past alliances with the Zhodani and the Vargr.
GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds (Steve Jackson)
Sword Worlds (Mongoose)
Sword Worlds [2. Edition] (Mongoose)
Double Adventure 2: Mission on Mithril (GDW)
Adventure 1: Call of the Wild (Avenger)
Adventure 2: Range War (Avenger)
Project Steel (Mongoose)
Marches Adventure 2: Mission to Mithril (Mongoose)
JTAS #18 [Contact: The Sword Worlders] (GDW)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Lunion has been called the “crossroads of the Spinward Marches”. There’s industry and commerce, but as with other civilized locales in the Marches, there’s not necessarily a lot of adventure. Lunion’s another of those subsectors like Lanth (which is just coreward) that you’re more likely to go through than adventure within.
Lunion ist eine gute Ergänzung zum Schwertwelten-Subsektor und bietet einige Möglichkeiten, den Konflikt mit den Schwertwelten aus imperialer Perspektive zu behandeln.
Spinward Marches 2: The Lunion Shield Worlds (Mongoose)
Skandersvik (Mongoose)

Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Mora is the industrial and political heart of the Spinward Marches and also the “Gateway to the Marches” (or if you’re looking at it from a Marches’ point of view, the Gateway to Corridor and the rest of the Imperium). You can certainly have political, espionage, and industrial adventures here, but traditionally I would have said it’s not the best place for adventure, because it’s the most lawful corner of the Marches, and that’s typically been anathema to Traveller campaigns.
Compendium 2 [Of Dust Spice and Dew Claws] (Mongoose)
Compendium 2 [A Festive Occasion] (Mongoose)
GURPS Traveller: Best of JTAS [ERV – Life in the Space Lanes] (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Humaniti [Nexxies] (Steve Jackson)
The Zhodani Candidate (TAS)

Fünf Schwestern (Five Sisters)
Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Though the Five Sisters subsector is technically part of the Imperium, it’s remote and disjoint from the rest. With a scant 1.845 billion population, the Five Sisters is literally the least populated subsector of the Marches. You could have a pretty blank canvas to paint upon if you wanted to use the Five Sisters as a home base, and there’s a lot of room for exploration and discovery, but absent those being strong factors in your campaign, you’ll probably want to choose elsewhere.
Mit Andor und Candory befinden sich zwei bedeutende Droynewelten im Subsektor, was ihn ideal für Kampagnen mit und über Droyne macht.
GURPS Traveller: Best of JTAS [Penelope] (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 3 [Candory] (Steve Jackson)
Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 2 [Andor] (Mongoose)
Compendium 3 [Further Adventures on 876-574] (Mongoose)
Skandersvik (Mongoose)

Distrikt 268
Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
District 268 is overall a lot like Five Sisters: a sort of wild-west frontier. It’s technically an undeveloped region that hasn’t been welcomed to the Imperium yet, but: its population is a bit higher than Five Sisters at 2.456 billion; it includes a few notable planets like the industry of Forine and Collace and the agriculture of Tarkine; and it’s just a bit closer to the Imperium proper, allowing for a wider variety of adventures. [...] Though the District 268 publications aren’t as cohesive as those for the Darrian and Sword World subsectors, they probably are more extensive [...]. Thus District 268 is the other rimward sector of the Marches that’s ideal for campaigning—especially for those GMs who like piles of background that they can build on themselves.
Tarsus (GDW)
Beltstrike (GDW, FanPro)
Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention (GDW, FanPro)
Adventure 10: Safari Ship (GDW, FanPro)
GURPS Traveller Planetary Survey 2: Denuli, The Shrieker World (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 4 [Shriekers] (Steve Jackson)
Spinward Marches 1: The Bowman Arm (Avenger, Mongoose)
System Guide 1: Datrillian (Avenger)
System Guide 2: Flexos (Avenger)
The Forgotten War (QuikLink)
The Gabriel Enigma (QuikLink)
Crowded Hours: Type S (Mongoose)
Marches Adventure 1: High and Dry (Mongoose)
Skandersvik (Mongoose)
Naval Adventure 4: Enemy of My Enemy (Mongoose)
Just A Miner Problem (TAS)
See How They Run (TAS)
Squallia, mining in the deep freeze (TAS)
Three Blind Mice (TAS)
JTAS #12 [Tarkine Down] (GDW)
Faldor: World of Adventure (Cargonaut)

Gleißen (Glisten)
Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Glisten was a backwater until District 268 was opened up, and is now mostly interesting (for adventurers) as an stepping-off point to District 268. With that said, there are a number of interesting planets in the Glisten subsector, some of them related to the District 268 expansion. Interesting elements of the planets include: an Imperium Ministry of Colonization training base on Egypt; the Glisten Institute of Planetological Studies (GLIPS) on Glisten; large Jonkareen populations on Callia and Melior (which are sometimes a point of dispute between the Ministry of Colonization and GLIPs); an Imperium exile prison on Mithras; an Imperial Reserve on Marasten; and dust-spice production on Romar. It’s almost enough to make you set a campaign in the subsector—though if you do, it should probably be with the intention of using Glisten as a home base while your players adventure into District 268.
Ich halte Gleißen für einen idealen Kampagnenstartpunkt. Neben den Aspekten, die Shannon nennt, ist Gleißen selbst ein tolles System, die beliebten Schwertwelten sind nicht weit und wenn den Spielern der Wildwestflair von Distrikt 268 zuviel wird, kann man sie genauso schnell in die politischen Zentren Mora und Trin oder den unerforschten Outrim Void schicken.
GURPS Traveller Planetary Survey 4: Glisten, Jewel of the Marches (Steve Jackson)
SITREP 1: Callia (Mongoose)
SITREP 2: Aster (Mongoose)
There May Be Troubles Ahead [A Troubled Mind] (TAS)

Trins Schleier (Trin’s Veil)
Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Trin’s Veil—named for the shattered moon of Trin, which is surely an adventure in and of itself—is the “Backdoor to the Marches”, as it acts as another path into the sector from Corridor. It could be a rising power in the Marches, and that could create some good politicking with Mora, but generally it’s too civilized for most adventuresome Traveller campaigns and would be, if anything, an adjunct to Mora (and perhaps Regina) if you wanted to created a more political campaign.
JTAS #2 [The Ship in the Lake] (GDW)
JTAS #9 [Bestiary: Kian] (GDW, Fanpro)
JTAS #11 [Thunder on Zyra] (GDW)

Trojanisches Territorium
Zitat von: Shannon Applecline
Though The Trojan Reach (called the Outrim in some old sources) can be used as a supplement to the Spinward Marches, it's also strong enough to stand on its own. In some ways, it's like a sideways mirror of Foreven. There you have frontiers lying between the Imperium and the Zhodani and here you have frontiers lying between the Imperium and the Aslan. There are also some major independent states in the area, the most notable of which is the Florian League, probably my favorite minor human state. (Like the Darrians, a lot has been done to show off how the Florians can be human but still very unique.) [...]
Da der Sektor Mongooses Liebling ist, sind hier in den letzten Jahren Massen an Material erschienen. Wilder und weniger vielseitig als die Spinwärtsmarken und man sollte die Aslan mögen.

Alien Module 1: Aslan (Mongoose, 13Mann)
Trojan Reach Sector (Mongoose)
The Pirates of Drinax (Mongoose)
Drinaxian Companion (Mongoose)

Third Imperium #11 (Fanzine)

Egryn und Pax Rulin
Adventure 4: Leviathan (GDW)
Reach Adventure 4: Last Flight of the Amuar (Mongoose)

Third Imperium #3 (Fanzine)

Third Imperium #8 (Fanzine)
GURPS Traveller: Humaniti [Floriani] (Steve Jackson)

Third Imperium #7 (Fanzine)
Traveller: The Tktk Convergence (TAS)
Shadows of Sindal (Mongoose)

Third Imperium #1 (Fanzine)
Naval Adventure 3: Fire on the Sindalian Main (Mongoose)
Pirates of Drinax: Gods of Marduk (Mongoose)
Pirates of Drinax: Lions of Thebus (Mongoose)
Pirates of Drinax: Theev (Mongoose)
Reach Adventure 1: Marooned on Marduk (Mongoose)
Reach Adventure 2: Theories of Everything (Mongoose)
Reach Adventure 3: The Calixcuel Incident (Mongoose)
Traveller: Makergod (TAS)
The Mystery of BT-SHT 365 (TAS)

Third Imperium #5 (Fanzine)
Fire Beyond the Border (TAS)
Reach Adventure 7: The Last Train Out of Rakken-Goll (Mongoose)

Third Imperium #9 (Fanzine)

Third Imperium #10 (Fanzine)
The Glorious Empire (Mongoose)
Reach Adventure 6: Exodus (Mongoose)
Iron Spine (TAS)

Third Imperium #2 (Fanzine)
Pirates of Drinax: The Torpol Cluster (Mongoose)
Pirates of Drinax: Friends in Dry Places (Mongoose)
Reach Adventure 5: The Borderland Run (Mongoose)
Shadows of Sindal (Mongoose)

Die Grenzlande (The Borderlands)
Third Imperium #4 (Fanzine)
Third Imperium #6 [Blotches, Acrid] (Fanzine)
The Borderland (Mongoose)
Borderland Profile: Arunisiir (Mongoose)
Borderland Profile: Inurin (Mongoose)
Borderland Profile: Tanith (Mongoose)
Borderland Profile: Umemii (Mongoose)
Borderland Profile: Wildeman (Mongoose)
Borderland: Counterweights and Measures (Mongoose)
Borderland: Into the Borderland (Mongoose)
Pirates of Drinax: Liberty Port (Mongoose)
Pirates of Drinax: Revolution on Acrid (Mongoose)
Pirates of Drinax: The Cordan Conflict (Mongoose)
Those Who Endure (TAS)
Fire Beyond the Border (TAS)

Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 2 [Auitawry] (Mongoose)
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Andere Sektoren
Alien Module 4: Zhodani (Mongoose)
Ziafrplians Sector (Mongoose)

Der am besten beschriebene Vargr-Sektor und direkt neben den Spinwärtsmarken.
Alien Module 3: Vargr (GDW)
Alien Realms [Prosperity for the Taking, No Credit Check] (GDW)
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 1 [The Vargr, Gvurrdon] (Steve Jackson)
Alien Module 2: Vargr (Mongoose, 13Mann)
Gvurrdon Sector (Mongoose)
Annic Nova - Evacuation (TAS)
Challenge #27 [Church of the Chosen Ones, Oegongong] (GDW)

Deneb ist eine gute Wahl, wenn man seine Kampagne in einem zivilisierten Sektor des Imperiums spielen lassen will, aber gleichzeitig die Nähe der Grenze schätzt. Abstecher in die Vargr-Weiten und die Leere des großen Risses sind jederzeit möglich. Die verfeindeten imperialen Adelshäuser des Sektors bieten auch eine gute Grundlage für ein Spiel mit den Dynastieregeln.
Deneb Sector (Mongoose)
Behind the Claw (Mongoose)
Naval Adventure 1: Shakedown Cruise (Mongoose)
Deneb Adventure 1: The Lost Duke (Mongoose)

The Great Rift (Mongoose)
GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 5: Tobibak (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 6: Darkmoon (Steve Jackson)
Deepnight Revelation [Deepnight Legacy] (Mongoose)
Challenge #27 [Church of the Chosen Ones] (GDW)
Challenge #62 [Itasis] (GDW)
100 Rumours to Hear in or About the Great Rift: Corridor and Reft (TAS)
100 Books to Find in or About the Great Rift: Corridor and Reft (TAS)

Beutesektor (Reft)
Dies ist ein richtig toller Sektor! Die Kleinstaaten der Inselsubsektoren bieten eine ausgezeichnete Spielwiese, ohne dass man sich über das große Universum viele Gedanken machen muss. Gleichzeitig kann man durch die strategisch wichtige Lage an der J-4-Route durch den großen Riss alle möglichen Aspekte des Imperiums einbringen, wenn man möchte.
Reft Sector (Mongoose, 13Mann)
The Great Rift (Mongoose)
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 4 [Tezcat] (Steve Jackson)
Adventure 5: Trillion Credit Squadron (GDW)
Adventure 3: Trillion Credit Squadron (Mongoose)
Great Rift Adventure 1: Islands in the Rift (Mongoose)
Great Rift Adventure 2: Deepnight Endeavour (Mongoose)
Great Rift Adventure 3: Flatlined (Mongoose)
Death Station (Mongoose)
100 Rumours to Hear in or About the Great Rift: Corridor and Reft (TAS)
100 Books to Find in or About the Great Rift: Corridor and Reft (TAS)

Rißfurt-Territorien, Prüfstein und Afawahisa
Die Rißfurt-Territorien können durch ihre Lage eine gute Wahl für eine Aslan-Kampagne sein. Der Sektor verbindet die abgelegenen Trojanischen Territorien mit dem Zentrum des Hierats
The Great Rift (Mongoose)
100 Rumours to Hear in or About the Great Rift: Riftspan Reaches, Touchstone and Afawahisa (TAS)
100 Books to Find in or About the Great Rift: Afawahisa, Riftspan Reaches and Touchstone (TAS)

Zitat von: Shannon Appelcline
The Foreven Sector lies just spinward of The Spinward Marches, so it should be a great place for adventure, especially since it's even more of a melting pot of the Zhodani and the Imperium than the Spinward Marches, with several client states of each of these mighty empires lying scattered between them (much like the Far Frontiers sector). Unfortunately, it's received almost no support to date, and is now officially a "blank land", open for any GM's individual interpretation.
Personally, I hate blank lands, because as a GM you have the ability to replace anything that you want anyway. Naming Foreven a blank land just means that we'll never get an official look at an area that should be pretty important to many campaigns because of its proximity to the Marches. On the plus side, you can download an official outline of Foreven Sector online. In addition, some third-party Traveller publishers [...] are just now starting to publish Foreven Sector supplements, under a special license from Far Futures.
Foreven Sector Reserve (Far Future)
Double Adventure 5: The Chamax Plague/Horde (GDW, FanPro)
Alien Realms [Deep Metal] (GDW)
The Foreven Sector LBB (Fanzine)
Mnemosyne (Fanzine)
Foreven Worlds: Alespron Subsector (TAS)
Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector (TAS)
Foreven Worlds: Massina Subsector (TAS)
Foreven Worlds: Tsokabar Subsector (TAS)
Foreven Worlds: Rusted Fang Station (TAS)
Foreven Worlds: Creatures of Distant Worlds (TAS)
Prelude to War: Player's Guide (TAS)
Prelude to War: The Rose of Death (TAS)
Prelude to War: State of Chaos (TAS)
There May Be Troubles Ahead [A Troubled Memory] (TAS)

Ferne Grenze (Far Frontiers)
Zitat von: Shannon Appelcline
The Far Frontiers Sector is one of the furthest flung of all of the official sectors of Traveller [...]. It lies two sectors spinward of The Spinward Marches, just past Foreven. Half of the sector is dominated by the Zhodani Consulate, while the other half contains a number of pocket empires, some of which support the Zhodani and some of which support the Third Imperium.
All of the FASA adventures were set in the Far Frontiers sector, which is probably the prime reason to run a game there; many of FASA's thinking-man Traveller adventures are considered classics. Unfortunately, there was no official description of the sector as a whole until well after FASA stopped publishing. [...]
If you wanted to expand the Far Frontiers sector into a full domain-sized area of space, you could supplement it with the Foreven Sector to trailing [...] as well as the Vanguard Reaches Sector to rimward and the Beyond Sector to trailing-rimward. The latter two sectors were land grants to Paranoia Press, [...]
The Legend of the Sky Raiders (FASA)
The Trail of the Sky Raiders (FASA)
The Fate of the Sky Raiders (FASA)
Rescue on Galatea (FASA)
Ordeal by Eshaar (FASA)
The Stazhlekh Report (FASA)
Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars (FASA)
Traveller Chronicle #2-8 (Sword of the Knight)

Das Paranoia Press-Material ist nicht sonderlich gut, aber eine überarbeitete Version der Sektoren soll 2021 erscheinen.

Die Ferne (The Beyond)
The Beyond (Paranoia)

Vorreiter-Territorien (Vanguard Reaches)
Vanguard Reaches (Paranoia)
SORAG (Paranoia)

Zitat von: Shannon Appelcline
The Solomani Rim was the second great sector of Classic Traveller, followed Spinward Marches [...]. It offers a more understandable setting for the modern player than some of the other campaigns sectors, because it centered on Earth.
The Solomani Rim isn't a great melting pot of alien races like the frontier sectors (though the Aslan and the Hivers are both pretty near), but it does offer a great story: part of the sector lies within the independent Solomani Sphere, while the rest is occupied by the Imperium, who is trying to redress old problems centering around the last Terran rebellion, about a hundred years earlier (in the Gateway Era). [...]
Das Gegenprogramm zu den Spinwärtsmarken. Hier gibt es keine wilden Grenzlande, sondern eine gut bewachte und klar definierte Front zwischen zwei verfeindeten Großmächten. Hier haben selbst die "jungen" Kolonien eine jahrhunderte alte Geschichte. Der ideologische Konflikt zwischen dem Apartheitssystem der Solomanie und dem Feudalismus des Imperiums ist zentral.
Supplement 10: The Solomani Rim (GDW)
Alien Module 6: Solomani (GDW)
GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire (Steve Jackson)
Solomani Rim Sector (Mongoose)
Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 2 [Terra, Kilennur] (Mongoose)
Solomani Front (Mongoose)
Double Adventure 3: Argon Gambit/Death Station (GDW, FanPro)
Double Adventure 4: Marooned/Marooned Alone (GDW)
Adventure 8: Prison Planet (GDW, FanPro)
Adventure 9: Nomads of the World Ocean (GDW, FanPro)
Adventure 11: Murder on Arcturus Station (GDW)
Adventure 13: Signal GK (GDW)
Solomani Adventure 1: Mysteries on Arcturus Station (Mongoose)
The Bronze Case (TAS)
Solomani Worlds: Vehicles from the Rim (TAS)
Solomani Worlds: Kurland Cluster (TAS)
JTAS #7 [Champa Interstellar Starport] (GDW, Fanpro)
JTAS #12 [Harlequin Subsector] (GDW)
JTAS #15 [Azun] (GDW)
JTAS #15 [Bestiary: Crested Jabberwock] (GDW)
JTAS #16 [Bestiary: Miniphants] (GDW)
JTAS #17 [Bestiary: Ice Crawler] (GDW)
JTAS #20 [Bestiary: Ponsonby’s Velvet] (GDW)

Alpha Crucis
Eine sinnvolle Ergänzung zum Solomani-Rand, insbesondere wenn man in der Konföderation spielen möchte.
Alien Module 5: Solomani (Mongoose)
Alpha Crucis Sector (Mongoose)
Solomani Front (Mongoose)
Solomani Adventure 2: The Bell of Rocamadour (Mongoose)
There May Be Troubles Ahead [A Troubled Recovery] (TAS)

Plündergrund (Reaver’s Deep)
Zitat von: Shannon Appelcline
The most scattered of all the Traveller sectors was the one land granted to the Keith brothers. [...]
Located between the Third Imperium, the Solomani Sphere, and the Aslan Hierate, Reavers' Deep is yet another frontier. As is often the case, there are a number of smaller states amidst those goliaths. [...]
Double Adventure 6: Night of Conquest (GDW, Fanpro)
A Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector (Gamelords)
A Pilot's Guide to the Caledon Subsector (Gamelords)
Duneraiders (Gamelords)
Ascent to Anekhtor (Gamelords)
The Drenslaar Quest (Gamelords)
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 4 [J’aadje, Virushi] (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Humaniti [Iltharans] (Steve Jackson)
Into the Deep [Alle Ausgaben] (Fanzine)
Hellions Hoard (Cargonaut)
Letter of Marque, Rogues in Space Vol. 1 (Cargonaut)
Scam, Rogues in Space Vol. 2 (Cargonaut)
Trading Team (Marischal)
JTAS #12 [Contact: Virushi] (GDW)
Challenge #54 [To Sleep, Perchance to Scream] (GDW)
Traveller Chronicle #5-7 (Sword of the Knight)

Zitat von: Shannon Appelcline
The one area of the Traveller universe that's always been described as a domain is the Gateway Domain. It includes Crucis Margin Sector, Gateway Sector (aka Maranatha-Alkahest Sector), Glimmerdrift Reaches, and Ley Sector. The Gateway Domain is an interesting locale because it's a set of largely unaffiliated worlds and clusters that lies between the K'Kree's Two Thousand Worlds, the Hiver Federation, and the Third Imperium. This is the sort of true frontier that's been the heart of most of the Traveller campaign settings: just on the edge of the Imperium and interfacing with a couple of other societies.
Of the various sectors I've described in this article, the Gateway Domain is the only one that has had two largely incompatible descriptions.
The Gateway Domain was originally the home of the Judges Guild Traveller supplements [...]. Judges Guild published all four sectors as standalone books and put out numerous adventures set in them. For reasons that boggle me, GDW decided to throw out all of Judges Guild's work by revising all the star positions and names when they published the Atlas of the Imperium. Still, if you want a fully detailed domain supported by almost 20 modules, the materials describing the non-canon Gateway Domain are all still out there (though from what I hear, the adventures aren't that great on average).
In more recent years a new, canon version of the Gateway Domain has been published in two very well-received books. [...]. The second was Gateway to Destiny, which was set in the Gatway era, when the nearby wars between the Solomani and the Third Imperium have their own effects upon this region. There are several PDF adventures and sourcebooks which have followed up on this latter book, making it a very rich location for adventure.
[... T]he Gateway Domain certainly has the potential to be the third [big campaign setting], thanks to the fact that it's a real nexus for stories and that it's been detailed in good books by some of the top authors for the game. Unfortunately Mongoose GMs will have to extrapolate from these sourcebooks to come up with an 1105 Golden Age Gateway setting.

Brachlandsektor (Ley)
Ley Sector (Judges Guild)
Tancred (Judges Guild)
Simba Safari (Judges Guild)
Amycus Probe (Judges Guild)
Darthanon Queen (Judges Guild)
GURPS Traveller: Humaniti [Luriani] (Steve Jackson)
Minor Alien Module 1: Luriani (Mongoose)
Traveller Chronicle #1 [The Trap of Triton] (Sword of the Night)
(M1000) Gateway to Destiny (QuikLink)
(M1000) Sydymic Outworlds Cluster (QuikLink)
(M1000) The Mahkahraik (QuikLink)
(M1000) The Linkworlds Cluster (QuikLink)
(M1000) Merchant Cruiser (QuikLink)
(M1000) Scout Cruiser (QuikLink)
(M1000) Merc Heaven (QuikLink)

Flimmerdrift-Territorien (Glimmerdrift Reaches)
Glimmerdrift Reaches (Judges Guild)
Darkling Ship (Judges Guild)
Disappearence on Aramat (Grenadier)
GURPS Traveller: Humaniti [Otrai] (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 3: Granicus (Steve Jackson)
(M1000) Gateway to Destiny (QuikLink)
(M1000) Stoner Express (QuikLink)
(M1000) Into the Glimmer Drift (QuikLink)
(M1000) Chimera (QuikLink)
(M1000) Mercenary Cruiser (QuikLink)

Portalsektor (Gateway/Maranantha-Alkahest)
Maranantha-Alkahest Sector (Judges Guild)
Ghostring (Judges Guild)
Rogue Moon of Spinstorm (Judges Guild)
(M1000) Gateway to Destiny (QuikLink)

Crucis Margin (Judges Guild)
Corsairs of the Turku Waste (Judges Guild)
Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 2 [Tubroyllufotyusk] (Mongoose)
(M1000) Gateway to Destiny (QuikLink)

Leeres Viertel (Empty Quarter)
Zitat von: Shannon Appelcline
Besides the four sectors that make up the Gateway Domain, proper, there are also two nearby sectors that have received some attention. One is The Hinterworlds, which lies just rimward, [...] (Anmerkung: Die Beschreibung ist für die Rebellion-Ära und findet sich in Challenge 39 mit weiteren Artikeln in den Ausgaben 40 bis 60). The other is the Empty Quarter Sector, which has been the default sector for the online fanzine, Stellar Reaches; it's been presented largely as an add-on to the Gateway Domain and lies just coreward.
JTAS #11 [Contact: Newts] (GDW)
Challenge #49 [Julian Protectorate] (GDW)
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 4 [Bwap] (Steve Jackson)
(M1000) Stellar Reaches [Alle Ausgaben] (Fanzine)

Kern (Core)
The Core Sector could offer an interesting basis for a very political campaign, as it's the center of the Imperium. [...I]t's also one of just a few campaign settings that lies toward the interior of the Imperium rather than sitting upon a frontier.
The Third Imperium (Mongoose)
GURPS Traveller: Nobles [Imperial Court, Capital] (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Planetary Survey 1: Kamsii (Steve Jackson)
GURPS Traveller: Humaniti [Syleans] (Steve Jackson)
Core Adventure 1: Invasive Species (Mongoose)
Core Adventure 2: Last Call at Eneri's Cantina (Mongoose)
Core Adventure 3: Errant Lightning (Mongoose)
The Second Scions' Society (TAS)

Wer im Zentrum des Imperiums spielen möchte, findet hier umfangreiches kostenloses Material.
Signal GK [Alle Ausgaben] (Fanzine)
Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag (Fanzine)
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Re: [Sammlung] Abenteuer und Hintergrund nach Subsektor
« Antwort #2 am: 27.08.2020 | 16:57 »
Diese Liste ist als Hilfestellung zur Ressourcensuche für Kampagnen gedacht. Ich habe mich bewusst auf Produkte, die noch erhältlich sind und zur klassischen/aktuellen Zeitlinie passen, beschränkt.
Die Anmerkungen von Shannon Applecline stammen aus seiner Kolumne The Fifth Imperium.

Das ganze ist WIP, Ergänzungswünsche nehme ich gerne auf.
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Re: [Sammlung] Abenteuer und Hintergrund nach Subsektor
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Spiele zwar (noch nicht wieder) aktiv Traveller, aber danke für die Sammlung! Könnte in der Tat mal nützlich werden.
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Re: [Sammlung] Abenteuer und Hintergrund nach Subsektor
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Wow, sehr gute Arbeit, vielen Dank für die Übersicht!
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Re: [Sammlung] Abenteuer und Hintergrund nach Subsektor
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So, ich habe nochmal einiges ergänzt. Das wichtige dürfte jetzt enthalten sein. Bei den Magazinen und Fanzines gibt es natürlich noch viel mehr, aber da gehe ich jetzt nicht alles im Detail durch. Zu vielen anderen Sektoren gibt es vereinzelte Infos in verschiedenen Artikeln und Büchern, aber keine Überblickspublikation.

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Re: [Sammlung] Abenteuer und Hintergrund nach Subsektor
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Sehr nützliche Zusammenstellung. Vielen Dank!

Kleine Korrektur: Theev liegt im Sindal-Subsektor, nicht in Tlaiowaha. Das ist aber auch das Einzige, was mir aufgefallen ist.  :)

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Re: [Sammlung] Abenteuer und Hintergrund nach Subsektor
« Antwort #7 am: 24.09.2020 | 21:12 »
Fire Beyond the Border spielt in Borderland und ein kleines bisschen in Tobia.
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Re: [Sammlung] Abenteuer und Hintergrund nach Subsektor
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Ist korrigiert.