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Black Light City
The year is 2099, but looking around, you’d think you’re in the 80s. If that’s enough to send your head spinning, you better stop here because things get even more complicated: the Retro-future is an era full of contradictions, where the old is new and the new is already old.

Here in Black Light, cars can fly among the skyscrapers and a Sharpie like you can get a microchip implanted directly on their retina, while everyone still sports the coolest garb and ‘do: leather jacket and mohawk. You can fifind a terminal connected to everything behind every corner, complete with a couple jacks that will allow you to interface directly with the whole world. But there’s no Wi-Fi or wireless connection whatsoever.

The whole World is covered with desert lands dominated by criminal gangs and huge UltraMetropolis ruled by ruthless UltraCorporations and mob bosses. Black Light is by far the largest UltraMetropolis in the World. It’s no coincidence a Sharpie like you ended up here: in a city that never sleeps with a rotten heart encrusted in neon lights.

If you were to look up to the sky, you’d say it’s always night here. The smog is too thick for the light of day to reach the ground. The rich part of the city is called Topside, a jungle of glass and metal inhabited by UltraCorporations and other enriched crooks. The buildings that sprouted around Topside like weeds make up the Sprawl: miles and miles of revolting slums, prowling with freaks and thugs. A neon cesspool where the police has lost authority long ago.

Black Star Rising
Black Star was a group of neo-anarchist edgerunners. Over time, Black Star became militant and started a war against Black Light City's government. The war
took a huge toll on the group, and at this point only one member remains alive — a man named Liberator.

The group grab their gear and head to an abandoned airstrip. They’re met by a winsome female and offered a job to board a helicopter immediately for Bagato, on the
outskirts of Blacklight City. They’ll help her liberate a weapons cache belonging to old friends of hers. If the group accept the job, their new employer introduces herself as Violet Tribb. She offers handsome reward for their help.

Black Star Rising benutzt das Fortune System aus Broken Compass mit dem offiziellen "Black Light" Cyberpunk Hack. Charaktere können gemeinsam erschaffen werden - es stehen aber auch Pregens zur Verfügung. Gespielt wird (neben Discord) entweder über Foundry, oder über und

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Bislang hat sich noch niemand gemeldet. Da ich das erst noch vorbereiten muss, würde ich die Runde absagen, wenn sich bis zum 26. nicht genug Leute melden.

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Hexer / Broken Compass / Cyberpunk - Hell Yeah!
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